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In the past few decades, member states of the Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS have had to contend with quite a number of economic and security, problems, the type of which were not envisaged when the treaty establishing the organisation was signed in Its development is at the heart of integration processes throughout the region and receives considerable international assistance. In West Africa, one such actor is the Federal Republic of Nigeria, whose commitment to regional integration in the field of peace and security has been essential in such a sense that it would not have been possible without, even less against it.

However, political realism, which stresses the primary role of national interest in every role a nation plays or does not play in international politics, argues that national roles are galvanized by well articulated national interests. This perspective holds that identified roles are directly connected to identified interests and that when roles become incompatible with such interests, the state changes the roles. The specific objectives are; 1.

To ascertain whether or not Nigeria understands her national interest converging to coherent foreign, economic and security policy doctrine 4. To establish the perception and expectation of countries in the West Africa region towards Nigeria. Does Nigeria have a consistent understanding of her national interest, converging to coherent foreign, economic and security policy?

What is the perception and expectations of other countries in the West Africa Region towards Nigeria? H Nigeria does not have consistent understanding of her national interest converging to coherent foreign, economic and security policy doctrine H Other countries in the region have no perception and expectations towards Nigeria. This study therefore becomes significant in the light that it is designed to critically assess these assertions and provide empirical basis for their acceptance.

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It will also provide guides to the key players in foreign policy formulation. As an academic research, this study is also significant as it will provide bedrock upon which further studies can be based. Also, this study represents a humble contribution to the archive of knowledge. However, the scope shall be limited to her economic and security diplomacy assessment. Chapter one introduces the entire work, identifying the problem, enunciating the objectives and stating the research hypothesis.

Chapter three deals with the methodology of investigation, the research design, and the tools used for the analysis of gathered data. Chapter four deals with the presentation, analysis and interpretation of results from the hypothesis test while chapter five provides the summary for the research, conclusion and recommendations.

In his first term, Muhammadu Buhari claimed that his government would bring an end to the national suffering inflicted by Boko Haram. The government made significant military gains, reducing the number of Boko Haram attributed deaths from more than 5, in to less than 1, in the past couple of years.

Nevertheless, the crisis is not yet over, and it would be a grave mistake for the president to disregard the continued importance of the conflict. Suicide attacks and kidnappings have been carried out by the group this year. At this time, the government should not just focus on security but invest in peace-building, reconstruction and rehabilitation and socio-economic development. Farmer-herder clashes. The Middle Belt region of Nigeria has faced prolonged violent clashes between the predominantly Christian farmers and the mostly Muslim cattle herders.

At the core of the conflicts are disputes over access and rights to land and water resources and rapid desertification which has changed the grazing patterns of cattle.

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These clashes are not necessarily new, but since , the disputes have become more frequent and violent. In alone, more than 2, people were killed in such clashes - more than the number killed in the past two years combined. The conflict now claims an estimated six times more than the Boko Haram crisis. The dispute is being politicised and is stirring ethnic and religious tensions, which is very dangerous in a deeply divided country like Nigeria.

The president must find inclusive and creative ways of addressing and deescalating this complex conflict.

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The leader of the group Ibraheem Zakzaky is opposed to the federal system of Nigeria , Israel, the US and also opposes secular governments. Correspondingly, Zakzaky has called for an Iranian-style revolution in Nigeria.

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However, recently these clashes have become more frequent and more violent. In , the leader of the sect was arrested, and in a judicial inquiry revealed that the army had unlawfully killed members of the group in Zaria state.

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Late last year, the security forces arrested IMN members and allegedly killed dozens of civilians in the capital city Abuja and surrounding areas. This escalating violence, the emergence of a charismatic leader and excessive use of force by the Nigerian military are reminiscent of the rise of Boko Haram. President Buhari has to ensure that the army has learnt lessons from how they dealt with the then emerging threat of Boko Haram, and make sure that the situation does not repeat itself.

The Niger Delta, the oil-producing core of Nigeria has for decades suffered from oil pollution which has led to the loss of livelihoods and sources of food for locals. In the last decade, clashes between armed groups in the area and the security forces reached an all-time high; kidnappings were rife, and oil infrastructure destroyed at a phenomenal rate.

In , one of the most prominent armed groups in the region, the Niger Delta Avengers and other smaller groups , destroyed oil production infrastructure reducing production from 2.

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Summer, Vol. Author s : Adigbuo, Ebere R. Abstract: There is no doubt that Nigerians conceive their country as the giant state in Africa, principally for the country's human and material endowments. In the realm of foreign policy, it is Nigeria's status more than that of any other black African country, that most determines Africa's collective future.